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Früher dachte ich

Dieses Land braucht Visionäre, Tagträumer & Superhelden.

Das Gute am Erwachsenwerden ist dass es nie aufhört.

Vom Leben gelernt

Don't Worry. Be Happy. All you need is 20 Seconds of InSaNe COURAGE & something GREAT will come out of it! Think outside the Box. You can make a DiFFERENCE. Don't wait for the StorM to pass. Be AwEsOmE in the RaiN. Change your Thoughts & You Change the World. Life is the most spectacular show on earth. Stop Waiting for Things to Happen. GO OUT & MAKE THEM HAPPEN. Shit happens. Life goes on. Live Well. Laugh Often. Love Much.

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    Deine Bilder haben tolle "Titel" 

    18.12.2013, 22:18 von schild_i