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Ich bin american

Früher dachte ich that there is pretty much nothing interestin outside the US
Heute weiß ich yay, there is!

Dieses Land braucht the sentence: "I'm proud to be german".
Dieses Land braucht nicht people like meeee

Das Gute am Erwachsenwerden ist you can do what you want

who am i? i'm spending a year in germany. and i can understand a bit Deutsch. so talk to me in deutsch ....

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    22.08.2008, 19:19 von smueller
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    hey. how is it goin? wow. that with nick.... wohooo. poor sabrina. more about that tomorrow! good night jordo!! caro

    12.04.2005, 21:29 von carohendrys
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    hey. that's not too good jordo. believe me. guess what? i was better the first time. haha ^^ okay, i'm doin pretty well right now. how about you?

    11.04.2005, 21:49 von carohendrys
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    me??? talking nonsense??? ^^ okay. better stop talkin about politics. we wouldn'T find an end. i think, we'd never solve that problem ^^ so.... i hope you're alright jordo. gotta go now. hug ya :) caro/kerry (whatever you want, bush)

    11.04.2005, 13:29 von carohendrys
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    how could i forget? arrghhh ^^

    11.04.2005, 13:26 von carohendrys
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    hey jordan!!!! you got it ;) i'm online right now. jordo, you're right. Better shush if you've nothin to talk about. nazis don't count. see? ^^ how are your navy friends doin? wanna meet them ;) okay, you bush-fanatic. what's new? how is it goin? republican sux :)

    11.04.2005, 13:23 von carohendrys