liebe ist,dass du mir das messer bist,mit dem ich in mir wühle


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Ich bin klein,gefräßig,emotional
Ich bin nicht stark,sportlich,ambitioniert,ordentlich

Früher dachte ich erwachsen sein ist das ziel
Heute weiß ich peter pan hatte recht!

Dieses Land braucht mehr Humor
Dieses Land braucht nicht schlechte Comedians,Trash-TV

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Zuletzt gelesen: A Long Way Down

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    I didn't dream you
    Allow me to believe you are the real me
    I see you breathing under water
    See you on both sides of a door
    I didn't mean you to fathom what you bought
    I'm away and anywhere should suffice
    Every life filled with what will be
    If my own will is from me
    How do I take another mirror
    How do I drink the whole shore
    I do greet you
    And slam the door in your face
    You come in anyways
    It's a long, long time before this takes place
    I answer these questions now
    As to why I'm the only one
    Who carries answers to their fathers
    Who carries grey sky to the sun
    I'm not the railway
    I leave all of it to the air
    Passing highway's traffic while just lying there
    Carry me away
    Come in anyways
    Both sides of the door
    The closed and open door

    17.12.2011, 14:19 von ravedave0815
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    gern geschehen. Ich hoffe, er gefällt dir.

    frohe weihnachtszeit ;)

    28.11.2011, 19:56 von iwontleave