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  • 1. Crystal Castles - Alice Practice


  • 2. Azari & III - Manic

    its a manic world

  • 3. Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor

    you sexy little

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  • 4. Beatsteaks - Just Like Heaven

    you soft and only you lost and lonely you, strange as angels

  • 5. depeche mode - I Feel You

    this is the morning of our love its just the dawning of our love

  • 6. Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism

    i got my fist i got my plan i got survivalism

  • 7. Mos Def - Foundation

    beautiful bright eyed girl

  • 8. Freundeskreis - Das Prinzip Hoffnung

    es gibt nix gutes, außer man tut es

  • 9. Pixies - Where Is My Mind?

    fight club

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  • 10. The xx - VCR

    Watch things on VCRs with me and talk about big love. I think we're superstars, you say you think we are the best thing, but you, you just know. You just do

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  • 11. Justus Jonas - 2. Chance

    es ist auch nicht schlimm wenn mich unglück erwartet, in dieser perfekten welt, gibt es nichts das nicht klar geht.

  • 12. James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream

    All that I know is, I'm falling falling falling.

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  • 13. We are Scientists - Ghouls

    We all recognize that I'm the problem here.

  • 14. The Cure - A Forest

    Come closer and see See into the trees Find the girl While you can Come closer and see See into the dark Just follow your eyes

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  • 15. Nirvana - Heart shaped box

    I've been locked inside your heart shaped box for weeks

  • 16. Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

    Black hole sun, won't you come and wash away the rain?

  • 17. Lykke Li - Love out of Lust

    so dance while you can dance cause you must love out of lost

  • 18. Crystal Castles - Plague

    I am the plague

  • 19. Wu-Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.

    my life got no better, same damn low sweater

  • 20. Ayo - Down on my knees

    please please don't leave me

  • 21. The Knife - Pass This On

    i'm in love with your brother, what's his name?

  • 22. Deftones - Change

    I've watched a change in you, it's like you never had wings

  • 23. Papa Roach - Between Angels and Insects

    take my money, take my obsession, I don't need that shit.

  • 24. Big L - Put It On

    you can't kill me, I was born dead

  • 25. Bon Iver - can't make you love me

    turn down these voices inside my head

  • 26. Beatsteaks - Atomic Love

    buletten liebslingslied!

  • 27. Pat Benetar - Heartbreaker

    don't you mess around with me

  • 28. Only Real - Cadillac Girl

    .. but the world has turned again since then.

  • 29. The Supremes - You Can't Hurry Love

    I need love love to ease my mind

  • 30. Femme - Fever Boy

    reminds me of the summer

  • 31. Kendrick Lamar - Bitch don't kill my vibe

    I am a sinner who's probably gonna sin again

  • 32. Skee-Lo - I Wish

    wish I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller, I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her

  • 33. souls of mischief - 93 'til infinity


  • 34. Jessie Ware ft. Sampha - Valentine

    cause you ain't never gonna be my valentine

  • 35. William Fitzsimmons - Passion Play

    favorite song

  • 36. Billy Idol - Sweet Sixteen

    you're my sweet sixteen

  • 37. The Distillers - Dismantle Me

    brody brody

  • 38. Blink 182 - Obvious

    Think you use me again

  • 39. Aaliyah ft. Timbaland - We need a resolution

    'cause there's so much confusion

  • 40. King Krule - Easy Easy

    and easy come and easy go


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