Life's gonna hurt but it's meant to be felt You cannot touch the sky from inside yourself You cannot fly until you break the shell.

Soundtrack meines Lebens

  • 1. Missy Higgins - ten days

    ( you're still the only one who feels like home)

  • 2. Morcheeba - Gimme your love

    muss man angucken. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKFMK2eDWeQ

  • 3. India Arie - Therapy

    schöne Zeit mit viel Gedanken. So ein Typ wäre toll :)

  • 4. Moloko - The time is now

    unendlichkeit. genauso wie "forever more".

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  • 5. Brandy - Piano Man

    sing a song for love.

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