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  • 1. Strokes - Someday

    "und dann hab ich dieses Lied gehört und das war das erste mal, dass ich dachte: das ist es, das ist richtige musik"

  • 2. Sufjan Stevens - For the Widows in Paradise

    if there's anything to say, if there's anything to do, if there's any other way - I'll do anything for you

  • 3. band of horses - the funeral

    to know you is hard, they wonder to know you all wrong, they were

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  • 4. The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

    the bittersweet between my teeth, trying to find the in-betweens we're only young and naive still yeah yeah yeah yeah

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  • 5. Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Maps

    wait, they don't love you like i love you

  • 6. emy reynolds - tonight

    go ahead and tell that story i will learn it again and again

  • 7. Dylan Thomas Rysstad - Goin Round

    in the darkness of my mind I will see a light

  • 8. Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)

    everytime i close my eyes yeah tonight's the night

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  • 9. Vampire Weekend - Don't Lie


  • 10. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Ben Bridwell - Starting Over

    I thought you'd gone but you were with me all along

  • 11. Arcade Fire - Suburban War / Afterlife

    until we jump the fence and leave it behind // scream and shout till we work it out

  • 12. Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band - Lenders In The Temple

    all we are is colored sand

  • 13. Passenger - Staring At The Stars / All The Little Lights

    keep us eyeing up the whats and ifs and buts and maybes

  • 14. Johnny Flynn - The wrote and the writ


  • 15. Balthazar - Blood like wine

    raise your glass to the night time and the ways to chose your mood and have it replaced

  • 16. the National - Fake Empire / I Need My Girl

    let's not try to figure out everything at once it's hard to keep track of you falling through the sky you're half awake in a fake empire

  • 17. Jay Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind

    insert grinning emoji here

  • 18. Bloc Party - Blue Light

    and I nearly didn't notice the gentlest feeling: you are the bluest light

  • 19. Figurines - The Air We Breathe

    do you see the things I see? do you feel you're close to me?

  • 20. Scheinizzl - Summer Nights

    a summer night in august

  • 21. Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky & Sand

    in the night time when the world is at it's best

  • 22. We Were Promised Jetpacks - This Is My House, This Is My Home

    something's happened in the attic there's no way I'm going up there

  • 23. Great Lake Swimmers - Stealing Tomorrow

    I cannot turn it off I don't have a switch for that and haven't crash landed yet stealing tomorrow from today

  • 24. We Are Augustines - Chapel Song

    and I shake shake shake because of love

  • 25. Lou Barlow - Legendary

    reenact your legendary tragedy

  • 26. Radical Face - Welcome Home

    all my nightmares have escaped my head I've come home

  • 27. Angus & Julia Stone - Just A Boy

    grab my suitcase full of nothing did I say I'm just a boy?

  • 28. The Killers - Romeo and Juliet

    I said I love you like the stars above I'll love you till I die

  • 29. Capital Cities - Safe and Sound

    in a tidal wave of mystery you'll still be standing next to me

  • 30. elliott smith - Between The Bars

    drink up baby, look at the stars I'll kiss you again between the bars

  • 31. The Kills - Last Day of Magic

    there's only so much you can miss before we both collide

  • 32. MS MR - Hurricane

    welcome to the inner workings of my mind

  • 33. Dramarama - Anything Anything


  • 34. Editors - Blood

    is this where our similarity ends?


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    We Were Promised Jetpacks - gerade erst entdeckt und bald live! Großartige Musik!

    02.02.2015, 20:41 von Sneyda
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