Don't let it break your heart.

Soundtrack meines Lebens

  • 1. Enno Bunger - Pass auf dich auf

    Our Story #2 - Day 4 - how we started waiting and unbosomed our feelings

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  • 2. Enno Bunger - Unfassbar

    Our Story #3 - Day 16 - how we came to see each other again, a second time

  • 3. Enno Bunger - Warum muss alles so kompliziert sein

    Our Story #4 - Day 20 - how we recognized the distance as a danger

  • 4. robbie williams - sexed up

    Our Story #6 - Day 26 - how she broke up with me and we got to find a way to handle it

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  • 5. Radiohead - Creep

    Our Story #7 - Day 36 - how I was along with my friends, just singing that song and thinking of you, having that uneasy feeling of fear

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  • 6. Enno Bunger - Regen

    Our Story #8 - Day 37 - how you told me why it can't work now

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  • 7. Anna Depenbusch - Haifischbarpolka

    Our Story #9 - Day 39 - how my mum reminded me about dancing with you

  • 8. Anna Depenbusch - Kommando Untergang

    Our Story #10 - Day 41- how I slowly lost all hope and how the fear increased, that you're still in love with her

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  • 9. Coldplay - Fix You

    Our Story #11 - Day 43 - how I rediscovered my past and just recognized, it's all like a déjà-vu

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  • 10. Coldplay - Don't Let It Break Your Heart

    Our Story #12 - Day 46 - how we surprisingly met a fourth time and everything was different and still the same

  • 11. Max Raabe - Wenn ich du wär

    Our Story #13 - Day 47.1 - how I held you in my arms and you asked me, what the words of the song were, how I told you "weil ich Dich nicht erschrecken will"; how you showed me that you understand how I feel

  • 12. Dido - White Flag

    Our Story #14 - Day 47.2 - how I came back from the bathroom and the music still's on, how you said you'd like it; how I started crying again and how you were as helpless as I was

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  • 13. Enno Bunger - Alles wird gut

    Our Story #15 - Day 48 - how I was back and realized, that there's still enough hope to go on

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  • 14. Die Prinzen - Abgehau'n

    Our Story #16 - Day 49 - how I got to see again, how good it was ment to be

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  • 15. Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

    Our Story #17 - Day 51 - how I had this last performance, singing this song and realizing how deep it is, singing it much more intensivly than any time before

  • 16. Die Prinzen - Blaue Augen

    Our Story #18 - Day 53 - how I started hearing that Christmas songs, thought of you and your incredibly beautiful eyes and felt Christmas wouldn't be as it should without you

  • 17. R.E.M - Everybody Hurts

    Our Story #19 - Day 57 - how I felt like the whole world is tumbling down on me, just because you're not around, not even answering my messages

  • 18. Stina Nordenstam - Soon After Christmas

    Our Story #20 - Day 60 - how it was some days after Christmas and I thought of you, once more realizing, how pretty good this songs I've loved for years now fit, much better than they ever did, with every single word

  • 19. Bryan Adams - Everything I Do ( I Do It For You )

    Our Story #21 - Day 61 - how my brothers and me made some music and I sang this song, thinking of you and feeling it with every piece of my heart.

  • 20. Enno Bunger - Leeres Boot

    Our Story #22 - Day 63 - how it finally seemed to end, how you decided that we'd only be friends; how I cried over whole New Year's Eve and still couldn't stop loving you und hoping for a second chance

  • 21. Anna Depenbusch - Tango

    Our Story #23 - Day 75 - how you surprisingly wrote me, in the middle of the night, how we skyped three ours, telling each other our memories of us and how we would kiss and touch each other if we would be together now; how you told me, you would, but it wouldn't had any consequences to you, because you don't know what you're feeling, but you're hoping for a second chance for us

  • 22. Gotye feat. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know

    Our Story #24 - Day 89 - how we wrote again, how you reached to find out some more secrets and said, you would prefer to be with me that night than being there far away; how we wrote in that style, although neither you nor me were drunken and how we saw, we should stop doing that;

  • 23. Woods of Birnam - Purple Rain (Prince Cover)

    Our Story #25 - Day 95 - how I was along with my best friend and his boyfriend, having a great evening and just thinking, it would have been quite perfect, if you have been with us

  • 24. P!nk - Just give me a reason

    Our Story #26 - Day 101 - how you told my best friend, you'd really like me, but it wouldn't be enough for a relationship; how he told you, I'm still waiting and hoping; how I just drowned in all my questions, again and again thinking of how we good we were and you coming to talk about the two of us again and again

  • 25. Moulin Rouge - Come What May

    Our Story #27 - Day 105 - how I was watching "Glee", that one episode with Kurt and Blaine singing that song, how it reminded me about us, me watching that movie and writing with you about it; again knowing, with you for the first time it could have been true: come what may.

  • 26. Phil Collins - Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

    Our Story #28 - Day 107 - how I finished the book and started reading it, realizing how crazy the last two months were, how much I love you and that it is against all odds thinking you could come back

  • 27. Olly Murs - Dear Darlin'

    Our Story #29 - Day 108 - how I finally sent the book to you, hoping you would understand

  • 28. Hugh Grant - Don't Write me Off

    Our Story #30 - Day 112 - how you read the whole book and I got to know I should have done more for us

  • 29. James Blunt - Same Mistake

    Our Story #31 - Day 117 - how we met again after more than two months, how it felt as close as always and how you told me, who "she" is and that she wouldn't be pleased if we would get in contact again

  • 30. Trude Herr - So ein Mann ist ein komisches Gewächs

    Our Story #32 - Day 139 - how I looked for some songs to sing at my grandparents' golden wedding and found this one, hearing my mother say that this one would be perfect fitting to me

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