I want a love that will stay young forever.

Soundtrack meines Lebens

  • 1. Lorde - Still Sane

    I'm little, but I’m coming for you I'm little but I’m coming for the title Held by everyone who’s up.

  • 2. Frou Frou - Let Go

    It's alright cause there's beauty in the breakdown

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  • 3. Luke Sital-Singh - Nothing stays the same

    A love, a life, it's dark and bright - It's beautiful and it's alright.

  • 4. Jimmy Eat World - The Middle

    Live right now, just be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else .

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  • 5. Whisky Jax - Fracture

    You won't break my heart

  • 6. Pharell Williams - Marilyn Monroe

    But then again, I don't need no adjectives for this girl.

  • 7. The Belle Brigade - Sweet Louise

    In that moment you knew from her eyes, she don't feel the same. But oh my words were not in vain 'cause I can always say till the day I die that I, I told her anyway.

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    besser, viel besser!

    11.01.2014, 20:24 von Matze.Matratze
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      Ich weiß ja nicht. : D

      11.01.2014, 23:12 von Obi_WanKenobi
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