phil.r 10.07.2008, 13:38 Uhr 4 0

zeilen, die die welt bedeuten

"But if your life is such a big joke, why should I care?"

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    you were like a cloud
    yes, you were a flower
    then you were a lime
    now our love is sour

    08.08.2010, 13:41 von Lethe
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    still enjoying this
    that's why i made a mess

    08.08.2010, 13:30 von Lethe
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    The clock is set for nine but you know you're gonna make it eight
    So that you two can take some time teach each other to reciprocate

    Der ganze Leif Erikson text ist zitierfähig. So schön, dieses Lied.

    15.01.2009, 22:45 von your.latest.trick
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      @your.latest.trick I wish I could live free.
      I hope it's not beyond me.
      Settling down it takes time.
      One day we'll live together,
      and life will be better.
      I have it here yeah in my mind.
      Baby, you know someday you'll slow grow.

      And baby, my heart's been breaking.

      I gave a lot to you.
      I take a lot from you too.
      You slave a lot for me.
      Guess you could say I gave you my edge.

      But I can't pretend I need to defend some part of me from you.
      I know I've spent some time all lying.

      I can't pretend I don't need to defend some part of me from you.
      I know I've spent some time all lying.

      You're looking alright tonight.
      I think we should go.

      25.01.2009, 02:07 von phil.r
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      @phil.r Today my heart swings
      Yeah today my heart swings
      But I don't want to take your heart
      And I don't want a piece of mistery
      No I don't want to read your thoughts anymore, my god
      'cause today my heart swings
      Yeah today my heart swings

      25.01.2009, 20:33 von Viggar
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    ...You fly straight into my heart
    But here comes the fall
    So much for me believing that sorrow
    So much for dreams we see but never care to know
    Your heart makes me feel
    Your heart makes me moan
    For always and ever
    I'll never let go...

    23.07.2008, 14:25 von kultfigur
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      @kultfigur "And you vanish with no guile
      And I will not pay
      But the soul can wait
      I felt you so much today"

      24.12.2008, 17:27 von interpolar
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      @interpolar Now the windows are open
      the moon is so bright
      There's no one can tell us
      what love brings,
      you and I

      12.01.2009, 22:25 von spreadyourwings
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