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    In LOTR universe there are 5 kinds of people : No powers, hero powers,
    magic powers, overpowered and hilariously godly overpowered.

    And then... there's Tom bombadil, who could have just simply
    walked/danced into mordor, punch sauron in the face, kick melkor in the
    nuts and be back before lunch time all while wearing the ring as a
    piercing on his dick.

    If only he gave a fuck.

    22.01.2014, 01:35 von WieSieSehnSehnSieNix
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    merke: aber nur mitm Ring... IT'S A TRAP!

    14.07.2013, 01:50 von Alceste
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      Geht auch ohne Ring. Aber dann muss man seinen Chef begleiten...

      21.12.2013, 21:05 von Charlie_B
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