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Is homework making your child sick?

School students are believed to be doing an average of three hour homework which has been considered as dangerous to their health.

Research showing homework causes sickness

Various researches have been conducted on the relationship between the health of the student and the child of homework they work on. The school work has become literally to be made. The latest research that has been conducted indicates that the upper-middle-class areas are homeschooling. The research discovered that some students are using to work more than three hours on their homework.

A study research was conducted within the California community which included a survey of 4300 students from the 10 chosen public and private school that perform well. The classes that were involved were the upper-middle classes. The research intended to examine the relationship that exists between the student workload in terms of homework and the student engagement and well-being. So make a student develop a stress.

The findings from the research were a bit discouraging. It was found out that excessive homework may be associated with conditions of high levels of stress, problems of physical health and may bring imbalance on the lives of the students. 56% of the students who were tested testified that homework is a major cause of stress among them.

Advantages of homework to students

Despite the fact that some troubling findings were established from the research that was carried, homework has been considered to yield various benefits to students. Some of the benefits outlined include;

1.      Homework has been considered as an important aspect that teaches students on how to manage their time more effectively through allocating enough time for the completion of the activities.

2.      So Homework teaches most students how to put their priorities forward.

3.      Homework helps to the instructors or teachers to determine how materials and lessons were understood.

4.      It teaches students how to solve problems    

5.      It creates a favorable opportunity for the students to view the class materials.

6.      Also, homework gives the parents an opportunity to go through what their children have been doing in school

7.      Homework teaches and forces students to do things even   when they don’t feel like doing

8.      It makes the student to become responsible when taking part in the process of education.

9.      It creates independency among the students and learn how to do things on their own.

10.  Lastly, homework teaches the students on how to become organized, skills of planning and action taking.

Disadvantages of homework to students    

Despite the fact that homework yields a lot of benefits to students, it is also faced with a number of challenges. As established fromThe research that was carried out in California, homework has been considered as a major cause of stress. Some of the following have been included;

1.      It limits students from practicing what they were taught in class

More often teachers would want to make validation whether what was taught or discussed in class was well understood. For them to make these inferences, then it means that they have to issue homework to these students. Without giving homework it will be difficult for teachers to attest that the new concepts that were learned in class were well understood.

2.      It creates a barrier for the parents to see the quality of the curriculum

Sometimes parents would want to see what is going in class. By giving homework will be the only sure way to inform the parents that the curriculum is being followed. By banning homework, then parents could not be able to tell what is happening in schools.

3.      Does not prepare students properly to face college life

To cope up well with the higher education, homework has been conceived as a proper foundation for students. by familiarizing themselves with this task in the high school it will be easy for them to easily get used to university or college tasks.


The homework should be banned or not. Various reactions have the same issue from the four corners of the world. Some feel that it is the best idea for the school to do homework while others still believe that homework is essential for the intellectual development of their children. For proper conclusion whether homework should be banned or not, both sides need to be weighed. For instance, people should try to weigh the benefits that they have with homework while on the other hand. Through the two sides, one wants to be able to tell which is the best way to go.

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