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Five Must-Have Mobile Apps For Students

Most university going students tend to worry over ‘Where will I find the perfect assignment writer who can write assignments.

Smart students have many qualities that they are capable of doing. They are tech-savvy and know the latest that is going on in the digital world. For surviving and succeeding in this IT-powered society of today, it is highly necessary that you keep up to date with new technologies and innovations that are shaping our modern lives. There are new and more intelligent gadgets being introduced in the market, and people would like to avoid them.

Simply keeping a smart phone does not make you smart; you need to make smart use of it. If you learn how to use your cell phone smartly (more than texting, calling or browsing), you may want to know how to do many things with just a few moves of your fingertips. You want to start using your phone just like your soul mate to whom you want to get a free-of-cost Assignment Writer to help you out of a sticky spot.

Here are the five smart apps every student must have in their cell phones.

1. Evernote

This is a useful application for taking notes in a lecture and organizing them in order to retrieve and read them at will. It has additional functionalities of recording voice memos and saving to-do lists, and you can access all your saved stuff on any device with an internet connection.

StudyBlue is another app by the makers of Evernote, which can convert your notes into flash cards. You can send messages, back up your study resources and set reminders, along with many other helpful functions.

2. Oxford English Dictionary

A pocket Oxford dictionary comes in handy especially when you are conflicting the spelling of some words with your friends. But carrying a bulky dictionary is not the way to go for any student who wants to walk light. For all types of students, Oxford Dictionary is a must-have app for all your dictionary and thesaurus needs. Purchase the full version and get access to more than 200,000 meanings and definitions.

3. Graphing Calculator

For engineering and mathematics students, this app is a wonderful tool to solve all your plotting problems. You can accurately and instantly plot all the curves with mind-bending equations that would manually take scores of minutes for drawing. Plus you can take the screenshots of your work and save them for later perusal.

4. EasyBib

When doing an academic essay, you need to work on citations and footnotes. Download this app to create a well-written academic essay, written in Chicago, APA or MLA styles.

5. Fitnet

A healthy mind is housed in a healthy body. This app works like your fitness trainer, helping you reach your fitness goals by letting you watch work out videos. Your cell phone wants to record your exercise and give you real-time feedback on how well you perform.

The internet is full of positivity and productivity. The only question is the summoning of the power to say no to unhealthy habits.

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