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5 Problems of Technology in Classroom

Despite increasing widespread of technology in classroom since 90’s, it still has some hiccups

We live in a technologically advanced world, so does the classroom technology. Most students are embracing the use of i Pads in the classroom , integrating tweets during presentations and learning using smart TVs. These new resources engage the users via interactivity making it easy to process and share all kind of knowledge. There are many more benefits of integrating technology into education: such as diversification of classes, Increasing student or teacher interaction and bring new angle of expertise in the classroom .

In spite of that, there are significant differences in the quality of life. The issues have long-term consequences for the students and teachers. To make the most of the technologically advanced education, parents and teachers need to understand the drawbacks to avoid them.

1.       Cost of technology in class

Equipping each classroom with computers or delivering the entire student body with laptops is a substantial cost to the school. Apart from purchasing value , there are costs for routine hardware upgrading, Maintaining the network , power bills and software updating. If institutions want to provide their students with high-quality modern education , they have no choice but to spend on technology. Many schools are coming up with policies to make students buy Their gadgets.           

However, the policies shift the expense to families, who may not be able to afford.

With student drowning in loans, class technology has played a significant role in the overall cost of college education. News today is filled with the lamentation of the high cost of education, especially at college levels. Therefore, either, technology is the reason for the rise or school are guilty of spending on technology. The government should step in and subsidize the cost of technology in class so that schools and students can have easy access.

2.       Pace of change in technology

Not all learning institutions can keep up with the rapid change in technology. Upgrading software and equipment is costly, and the schools may not have workforce or experts to handle the stuff . So, new hires are necessary to teach students how to use computers. Students end up being taught by experts instead of Their teachers who may not have enough knowledge of technology. In other words, in case a student has a tablet assignment, the parent may not be able to help him since tablets are a new feature of technology.

1.       distractions

The digital entertainment of students in class is on the rise. College students spending too much time to play with their smartphones and other technological devices. According to the University of Nebraska -Lincoln, students spend 20% of their time using technical tools for activities not related to education. They end up text messaging, e-mailing, playing games or even checking their social media.

So, the student may end up wasting two-thirds of their four-year college life to be distracting with the technology in the classroom .

Students are more interested in the cost of monitoring their technological device instead of the professor. Teachers continuously complain that student no longer pays attention, miss instruction and have poor grades due to the digital devices distraction. So, according to the recent surveys, students are overwhelmingly opposed to banning technological devices in the classroom . The majority believe they should not be punished for inappropriate use of these tools in class.

1.       Lack of parent and teacher involvement

Research Proves did parents Involved in the student's education can improve Their performance, attendance, and behavior. However, technology advancement has immensely reduced parents and students included in the student's life. Schools often do not include parents because they believe they are not conversant with the current change in technology in classrooms. Unlike the previous decade, parents have a hard time helping their kids with a tablet. Schools are also hiring technicians to teach students on the use of technology since most teachers have no clue.

2.       Cheating

Cheating in the classroom is not a new thing. However, technology has provided students with innovative tools to aid in deception . Students no longer write answers on their hands or papers anymore. High technology devices have turned into cheating so educators may not be aware if it happens. Common cheating devices include smartwatches that appear to be only display time. However, when you wear special glasses, the screen becomes visible, and you can see all uploaded content. Cheating is a sign of a more significant problemin educations since we are likely to have half-baked graduates. Inviting parents and teachers to talk openly about technology is the best way to make students benefit from it.

Author Bio ; This article has been written by Abbie Alaric, a scholar, and author of mostly covers educational information.  I usually provide article writing,  essay writing help , coaching and assignment editing services.

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