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Manchmal erscheint einem das Leben wie ein Pokerspiel. Nicht immer ist alles, wie es scheint... Jedoch kann jeder gewinnen im Leben.


no fear
it will disappear 
it aint here and never been 
made up in your mind 
in all different kinds
to find an excuse no to do it 
but to do it 
will bring you to it 
and dont let anybody screw it 
telling u they knew it 
they dont know nothing
they bluffin 
dont wanna let u win this game 
thinking its all about luck 
use your brain and risk 
what you cant lose 
like a pokergame 
make it rain
and refuse 
what makes u lose
play card for card
and even when it seems hard 
stay in your position 
and make it your mission 
to eliminate every other player 
put in hard work and a prayer 
and after u went all in 
u will see 
ain't no game is too hard
to win. 

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