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Me and my body..

.. used to be one.

Me and my body,

used to be one.

When it sneezed, I said “God bless you”.

When it fell, I cried.

When it cried, I comforted it.

Me and my body,

used to be one.

Like a bird and a bee,

made for flying,

me and my body spread our wings

and flew side by side,

to where good things were.

When it fell asleep,

I took a blanket to cover both of us up.

When it struggled,

I did everything I could to make it feel whole again.

When it yelled “YOU ARE UGLY” towards the mirror,

I wiped away its tears and whispered “You are so beautiful”.

Me and my body,

used to be one.

Two pieces, completing each other in every possible way.

We aren't what we used to be anymore.

The day I left,

it longed for the echo of my voice

till all it thought it heard was

“You used to be so beautiful”


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