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Always so quiet

No, I don't. I do not want that, do I? I shiver. Good point.

Oh, it's beautiful, so pure. Can I have more?
You stand in front of me gasping for air, me beside you. Hah, how easy!
I love you. Wait! I figure that out. No, I don't. Is it true?
C'mon, come close to me. Closer again.
Oh, it feels alright. Do you know that?
I feel home, I feel welcome. I don't wanna go. No, I won't. I couldn't.
Look! It's snowing.
I feel a beautiful tear cry inside me. I'm fond of you, Idiot.
True. Are we snowed in?
I knew it would happen.
You got me, damn boy.
Oh, it's so beautiful, so pitoresque.
I can see the snow is making little figures outside when falling synchronically to the ground.
No, it actually don't look that cold, blank and alien to me.
You did something to me. I was golden.
Hush now, little bird.
What's the point of being in love, when I begin to miss you like hell.


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    mag ich sehr!


    12.02.2014, 13:50 von Mme_Butterfly
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    Pittoresque. Really. Gefällt.

    12.03.2010, 19:35 von LisaHerzchen
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