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There’s a little spider coming out from underneath the leaves;

it‘s its time of the year


leaving cobwebs behind

We said our goodbyes this morning and the warm coffee couldn’t help to stop the farewell-kinda-mood.

The caffeine helped to make my heart thump nevertheless.

The door leaded to a rainy world out there.
You turned right, and I turned left. No kiss - just me and you.
Alone. It was the end of summer.

Why am I nostalgic again???

When he kisses me, caresses me, loves me.
You’re just a big, hungry spider
ruining my mood.
Go play with your food! 


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    Klingt nach einem Titel wie

    "At least you were only eating me like a spider"

    Und mit etwas mehr Sprachwitz:

    "Spinning course with a difference"

    Nur weil dir kein Titel eingefallen zu sein scheint.

    26.09.2018, 18:00 von PaulR
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