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John Fugelsang's statement about guys/bros/jocks/dudes.

"... you're gonna be a really popular, boring guy ."

>> [...] I was a real freak, for a long time, and that's hard for a child, and it wasn't until years later that I realized that whatever makes you NOT blend in is the thing that's gonna make you special .

 And that's the thing you gotta follow, that's where you learn who YOU are .

 If you make your life all about blending with the guys, hangin out with the jocks, being one of the gang, you're gonna be a really popular, boring guy .

You're gonna be like every other guy in the book .

 So, I'm a freak, but in the many ways I've learned it was a blessing, if I've been popular I might have been more of a douchebag that I am now ! [...] <<


(John Fugelsang on The Mom's View)

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