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A love letter to shopaholics. Stop eatig me alove. And spare me from your "yikes, selfpity" posts.

I am a supermarket.

- Excuse me, where is the compassion?

- It's to your right if you look at her, you can hear it pumping if you try crying a bit and listen close enough. Maybe tell a sad story about your childhood, but not too tragic, so she doesn't get the idea of you exaggerating. Tell her you feel lonely, but not alone. - she secretly will feel connected with you. Tell her you are afraid of the world collapsing over your head one day because you don't know if to believe in god, hell, faith pr karma. Oh, tell her, you don't know what to tell her because speech is just an instrument of manipulation, that's a good one. Tell her, that you are afraid of never finding your soulmate because you are an old soul and those are not being produced anymore. Tell her everything, anything, but the millenial truth you are actually carrying.

- Thanks! Should be easy. How much?

- Oh it's for free. You are medically insured with her belief in Karma.

- Oh, Karma does actually exist?

- Don't be silly. Now hush. Enjoy!

- Hey, where can I find some energy? Gotta be juicy though.

- Sorry, next shipment is not for 3 years. But there's plenty left, it's maybe not as fresh and loaded with hope, bit sucked out, but still works just fine. I would just prescript you four to five doses a day, instead of 2.

- Ok...works too.

- Great! Just up the stairs, in the warehouse. We keep it in a dark place so not everybody can find it immediately, it's our most sold product. Doesn't matter what comes in, some brilliance or sexappeal, not even self-confidence, nothing beats good old energy. You better hurry, it's already sold out before noon most of the time, or you'll have to come back in the evening. It's a good time to suck, she get's melancholic. Many people like to pretend they're drunk or beaten by life so they get the full load without even having to squeeze. Sometimes, if you're lucky and she had a good day, there's some extra sugar added. People fight for it all the time...they're so funny. Still don't understand they don't even have to, it's basically as easy as taking a piss.

- But...what about her?

- Oh, we don't ask those kind of questions around here.

- But-

- Look, you want some or not? We have enough customers, so don't bother waiting around. If you don't get it here then you will have to search around for a long time. It gets harder every generation finding such a proper source.

- But...sure. Yeah. Sure.

-Hey, is your problem-solver 2000 still not working? I had to drive here for one hour, man.

-What? No, that's impossible. We just restocked it in the morning.

-Look at it yourself! You think I'm blind? You think I came here for fun??

-No, of course not. I am very sorry to doubt your ability of diagnosing a problem. One moment.

-It better be a damn short moment.

-You were right, sir, it's gonna be fixed right away. You just have to wait for 5 minutes. Take my apologies.

-Better be. Is it hard to fix?

-No no, not at all. You just have to set the fire for justice and equality again, best with oxygen from used sobs, some paper from old diaries which tell stories of unlived love in harder times, some wood from Pinocchios heart. After, you remind her of how priviliged she lives and that she has no right to be an egoist, because she would throw away everything she believes in. Because everyone in this world is, and how can she make a difference if she doesn't fight for the point of good hearts, proves it? Where is equality of races, genders and minds if it comes from rage and not love? Where is hope to find if not in a bright space? Did she read those books, believe in their heroes, in their dark souls but golden hearts for nothing? Doesn't her commitment loose all of it's worth if she stops working for a day? Doesn't it become untruthful then? Doesn't she become rotten then?

-Wow. Mate, those are some strong words.

-It's merely the protocol. Nobody actually believes in it. Too pathetic.


-Yes, too sad. No one cares about that anymore. What is important for our time is fake anti-racism, it is very important to give minorities of 10% an appearance of 70% now. We show or kids rather that a priest was Afro-American in the 19th century than what we actually did to them. We rather make a TV show which takes place in the middle age with female knights as the main characters, because we rather wash the historical truth away and give women a silly major appearance at the Oscars than in actual political matters. And we still want to hear a thank you for that.

We care about throwing at everyone who wants or doesn't want to hear it that we have a political opinion, we want to help, we are progressive, we are next generation. We watch the demonstrations on our phones, fullfilled with pride to watch the news instead of Gossip Girl, in the end to give exactly the same amount of commitment as if we would really just watch Gossip Girl. We like to start campaigns about our ecological footprint; oh, Bigfoots footprints, a whales footprint if a whale would have legs, they would be little sandkorns in comparison to ours – that's what all the activists tell us, jetting around the world from one lecture to another. It is like the world closes it's eyes willingly in front of obvious violation of our own principles, which we almost declare as holy. Not the world, pardon me. Humanity. We care about how many followers like our post with us being grungy in a djungle, quoting Sartre to seem like we know what he really stands for. We just google „philosophical quote French poet“. Wasn't even a poet...anyways, you get the point.

-Seems like you don't find her fuel to help others pathetic at all, mate.

-Oh no, it's fine, young man. It just rubs off a bit when you work all day with this kind of machinery. My wife always has to get me back to normality with some joyful Instagram posts by the Kardashians, or maybe even some groundbreaking article, written for the 40th time by a exemplary millenial just using more or less adjectives and analogies. Huh, look at me, talking all ironically! I need a break indeed. But look, they fixed it! Come on in, there is plenty now.

-No, thank you. I think I'm good after all.

-Are you sure? You were very angry just ten minutes ago.

-Yup. Even if it's gonna happen one day anyways, I don't wanna take the chance of being the one taking her last drop. It's unethical.

-Unethical! You won't come far in our world with such an attitude, young man.

-So be it.

And so the young man rode off, being her savior. Not forever, but for one moment. Or, if she heard him, even for some more years. Because sometimes it just needs one drop of water to bloom again. One drop of attention to provide again. One drop of hope to love again.

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